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Posted on November 27, 2011


Dusan Pejcic – Video Installation

Born in Belgrade, the capital of what used to be called Yugoslavia at the time.

After finishing a graphic design school and years of painting, drawing and experiments with environmental installation he exiled to Berlin, Germany to study fashion design at the Kunsthochschule Berlin Weissensee and art at the UdK Berlin in the class of Katharina Sieverding. Dusan’s works move between photography, video art, costume and set design, 3d art, illustration and painting, resulting in a multidisciplinary projects and collaborations with various artists, designers, film makers, dancers & choreographers.

Daniela Gast – A BodyStory/Video Performance “Register”.

Born in Berlin, Germany.

Alessia D’Artino – Sonic Journey with Objects

Born in Rome, Italy.

Aka A.Ona is a musician writer and Dj. She was the organizer of the queer party Poopsy Club (Berlin). As a drummer and bassist she played in the bands: The Belmondos, Dark Skies Association (with Molly Nilsson) & Mary and the Baby Cheeses (with Mary Ocher). She currently lives in London and is involved in the dark ambient/industrial project called Memento Mori & Rustfeeders.

Magda Bondos & Verónica Mota – Audio/Video Live Performance

Born in Poland.

Magda Bondos is a photographer based in London. She has an on-going collaboration with the collective Behind Bars since 2006. In 2010 she was involved in the production of “Dreams and Realities”, by Spanish musician José Macabra, in which she took pictures on the set, documented the event and exhibited her photographs at the happening/exhibition. During this time she was also the official photographer of the industrial/noise underground party known as Antagony. Currently, she works in the pre-production for an animation in collaboration with Berlin based sound designers.

Born in Mexico City.

Verónica Mota is a sound artist better known as Cubop in the creative scene Berlins. She works as sound designer, film editor and sound recordist for Films. As sound artist Cubop is creating sounds and composing experimental music focusing on surrealism, dream territories and human subconscious. Her sound compositions play an important role in film as in performance and live video/sound installations art works. She is currently working in two different duo projects: The Sublime with Jon Evans (Last Dominion Lost) and The Devil & Miss Jones with vocalist Annie Stubbs (Devotion/SPK). As filmmaker Verónica Mota is shooting and editing avant-garde and political independent films.

Mariae Nascenti  – Live Concert and Visuals

Born in Italy.

Mariae Nascenti is a post-industrial solo music project of Angelo Visone (Ango the Meek Dead), an Italian multimedia artist based in Berlin. His music has been described as a “soundscape of a pitch dark gorge within a winter cold dusk“.æ+Nascenti

Jon Evans – Performance Art

Born in Australia.

Jon Evans has been active in experimental and electronic music for almost 30 years. During this time, he has also had an intense involvement with performance and video production, and studied conceptual art practices under the tutelage of Mike Parr, as well as collaborating with well-known extreme artists such as Stellarc. For Torso, he will present a solo performance art event drawing from the influences of the Viennese Actionist Group and other exponents of what has come to be called Body Art.











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